5 Best Cake Decorating Books You Will Fall in Love With

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Have you ever tried decorating in the past? If not, then you wouldn’t have any idea just how fun it is. In fact, cake decorating can be one of the best and most fulfilling hobbies that you can do on your own or even with your children or friends. If you are interested to try it out and eventually fall in love with it too, then here are of the best cake decorating books you shouldn’t miss.

5 Best Cake Decorating Books

  1. 100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorations. If it is your first time to try cake decorating, then read the 100 Fondant Models for Cake Decorations that you will easily fall in love with. This book is filled with the best photos that will entice you to learn and perfect your craft as well as some valuable tips on how to prepare the nicest and best tasting cakes you can ever create.
  2. 50 Easy Party Cakes. If you find that cake decorating is really something that you can do for a long time, then you might also be encouraged to start your own small business on it. You can get as many tips as possible from the 50 Easy Party Cakes decorating books you will find online. Here you will get truckloads of information on how to create the most unique designs for party cakes.
  3. Cake Decorating Books: Baking with the Cake Boss. Another book you shouldn’t miss and that can easily make you fall in love with cake decorating is the Baking with the Cake Boss book. Although a little pricey, this book can be serve as the only book you will ever need for cake decorating.
  4. Cake & Cookie Pops. Who says that the cakes you will be preparing should always be the traditional ones? This book entitled Cake & Cookie Pops will teach you how to create non-traditional types of cakes like cakes on sticks and candied cakes and many more. Don’t forget to add some unique designs to on your creation to make them more interesting.
  5. Cake Decorating Books: The Art of Cake Decorating. Last but not the least, another book you should get for reference is The Art of Cake Decorating. This book is filled not only with tips, designs and ingredients but even stories on how you can develop a great and one-of-a-kind relationship with the cakes you will be preparing for all types of occasions. Thus, this book is definitely a must have.

Truth is there are still more than hundreds of cake decorating books you can find there. All of these books can be used if you wish to start learning how to decorate cakes or even if you have been doing it for quite some time now. The bottom line is that if you find that this kind of hobby is something you’re actually good at, then hone your skills further and fall in love with it even more through the help of these books.

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