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Baking Classes at Top Culinary Schools: Is it worth it?

January 22nd, 2013

Since you were a child you’ve always dreamed of having your own bake shop and creating mouthwatering desserts and pastries that your neighborhood will want to keep coming back to. What better way to fulfill that dream than to enroll in baking classes at one of the top culinary schools in the country. But the costs of tuition at these schools can be quite prohibitive prompting various sectors to question the value of a culinary school education in jumpstarting a career in the culinary industry.

Cost/Benefit Ratio of Culinary Schools

Graduates of culinary schools and those who are only planning to enroll have been raising the issue of soaring tuition costs at culinary schools. Tuition fees alone could begin at $25,000 dollars and this does not even include other incidental costs. Enrolling in top culinary schools could cost someone as much as $100,000 in overall fees. After finishing school, graduates are unable to find jobs that will allow them to begin a decent career in their chosen field, much less to pay off tuition loans that they have made. Sometimes it seems to graduates that they would have been better off apprenticing instead, which is what other industry insiders likewise suggest.

The Toil from the Bottom

A lot of chefs would be the first to tell you that enrolling in baking classes at these top schools is not enough to expect a brilliant career as a pastry chef. There is still so much hard work involved to climb to the top, and yes, you will have to start somewhere in the bottom before you can get anywhere near the top. Successful chefs say it took them about 10 years to reach where they are now, enjoying the fruits of their tough labor. So if you took out a loan for your tuition fee at a culinary school, it would probably take you the same number of years to pay off that loan, too.

Making Connections Through Baking Classes

Despite these pronouncements though, there are still benefits to studying at top culinary schools. One of the main things wannabe pastry chefs are after aside from learning from the best is getting to know the leaders of the industry in the hopes of becoming an intern and eventually getting hired. This is true for most people, but in order to get noticed by the top chefs you will also have to shine from among the pack of several others who are also trying to outshine everyone else. If you are confident in your skills, then you will have no problem with this.

Developing Expertise at Top Culinary Schools

Defenders of culinary schools continue to assert that enrolling in a baking or pastry program is the quickest way for you to gain expertise in this field. These programs do not normally last as long as other culinary programs so they shouldn’t cost as much, and you will able to reap the rewards more quickly. Learning from various top pastry chefs in the industry is an experience you cannot gain quickly through other means.

Whether you do decide to enroll in baking classes at top culinary schools or not, these are some things you should consider first. Weigh the pros and cons, but don’t ever give up on your dream.

The Benefits of Baking Classes

October 26th, 2011

As people go through life, everyone will have to learn how to cook eventually. Some people may not look at cooking as a necessity due to the precooked food that is commonly bought in the frozen food section. However, it will never taste as good as it would if it was homemade and there are plenty of lucrative careers for those who take the skills they learned through baking courses to the next level. If you learn how to bake bread and pastries properly, you will be surprised at where it could lead you.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to cook for yourself, a family, or make cooking your career. There is many valuable benefits to learning how to cook. One of which is the fact that you won’t have to go out to eat at fast food restaurants, where the food isn’t too healthy, or at a formal restaurant, where the food is very expensive. After you go through training as a baker, you may never eat out at a restaurant again. Not to mention, being called a chef can be fun to hear.

Baking Classes

Baking Classes

What Baking Classes have to offer

If you are wondering how to proceed towards finding appropriate training on how to cook, a nice option is at your local community college. Classes are usually cheap and you will learn the basics towards baking and how to proceed further if you wish. These classes are some of the best in the world for future bakers. In a baking class, you will learn everything from how to bake bread, cake, and other pastry foods. If you have a child, you can enroll your child in classes that are meant to teach kids the beginning methods towards baking.

Other places that offer classes for future bakers might be at stores that dedicate themselves towards making bread for people. If you’re interested, you can sign up as an intern for apprenticeship or even get paid doing easy jobs while learning how to bake when the demand arises. If you are still in high school, try to enroll for classes that teach students how to cook. You may not learn as much as you could at a bakery, but it is a start and it will get you prepared for the standards of baking. Once you begin learning how to bake the simple things like bread and go up from there, you will be so addicted that you might not ever want to leave the kitchen.

The reason to become a baker

There are other places that hold baking classes like culinary schools. If you’re serious enough about baking, you could even try to get a certificate to prove that you’re a professional baker. In that case, employers would seriously consider hiring you as one of their bakers. When going for any profession, there are never any guarantees. The best thing that can be done is to follow your passion and keep riding it. If you love baking more than anything else that you do presently, then there is nothing to be shameful about giving it your all for that dream.

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